As we approach Election 2020, let us all be mindful that we only have one Ghana and nowhere else to go should there be any chaos or violence in this country. We therefore have to always be for peace in our dealings ahead of the elections.

With a few more days to elect a new president and new members of the 8th parliament, the grounds are already getting hot by the day.

The two main Political parties, being the NDC and NPP will again battle it out on who rules this country for the next four years. The big question is whether Ghanaians are going to Change president Akufo Addo or retain him?

Former president John Mahama who also doubles as the Flagbearer of the opposition National democratic Congress is also very much determined to win power come December 7th.

He has therefore began touring the country to engage with the Chiefs and people accross the country and solicit their support ahead of the general elections in December. As at now, John Mahama is in the Bono East region seriously campaigning for votes.

It seems nothing is stopping the former president this time around, even during the night around 10pm yesterday, Saturday evening, thousands of residents in Techiman waited to see John Mahama to address them.

The crowd was very massive despite the night. John Mahama has really lighten up Techiman. According to the huge crowd, they will have to see John Mahama address them and hence ready to wait for him.

When he finally arrived and was addressing the gathering, he indicated his commitment towards coming back to build a better Ghana for all.

He took the opportunity to further explain certain policies in the NDC’S Manifesto to the people and told them what they should expect in Techiman, God willing if he wins.

He promised to build a mini form of the KEJATIA market for them to enhance trade in the area. He believes it will go a long way to help facilitate trading activities in the region.

John Mahama also mentioned that Techiman is well known for cultivation of Cashew and hence will establish a Cashew factory in Techiman for them. He believes this will boast their job and will also provide more direct and indirect jobs.

He finally promised them that Techiman will be upgraded from a municipality to a Metropolitan Assembly with all the necessary supports they need.

The turnout was really great for John Mahama even though it was late at night and this goes a long way to prove just how eager the people are to bring him back to power.

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