Information reaching this portal from Appiahkrom at Nkrankwanta in Dormaa West District is that a man shot his lovely wife dead and gun down himself in a Rambo style.

According to the report the man is by name Yaw Simon 53, a hunter who have been leaving with Akosua Patience 40, as wife. They are into large scale farming and have cultivated plantains and cassava in a forest at Appiahkrom.

Few day ago yaw Simon decided to pays her bride price to officially recognize her as his legal wife. Patient relations objected to his moves and have asked their daughter to back off the marriage for reasons best known to them. Patient gradually lost interest in the union and openly told the man never to border to waste his money. She will be happier if the relationship ends for she sees no future in it.

Patient together with her friend Pokua Mary, were on their way to the farm, in an open conversation, Pokua advised her friend to consider the marriage if she truly love the man, then find a suitable way to convince her kindred to accept the him. Patient responded that, she has been through a lot of trauma in the hands of the man she calls husband for the past years they have been living. He occasionally threatened to kill her but she harbored all those to save Simon from being handed over to the police and the only option for her is to leave the marriage.

Not quite long after they got to the farm, he joined them. While his gun was fully loaded, started a heated argument with the wife, pointing the gun on her and threatened to end everything between them, for he sees no reason why they should live if they can’t continue to live as husband and wife regardless of family interference.

Pokua who wasn’t comfortable with how he was behaving thought she might also die if he successfully kills her friend. She quickly run into the bush to save her life leaving her friend with the monster. Patient also decided to escape but while running, he shot at her on the leg and used a stick to hit her head leaving her in a pool of blood.

Afterwards he made a thorough search of the bush to have Pokua also killed but didn’t see her. She was very terrified witnessing every happening at her hidden place.

His only option was to kill himself in order to escape being thrown into jail. He setted the long-barreled firearm with its mussel directed to his throat and used a thick stick on the trigger. Finally he used his legs and pressed the stick, firing the shot

After Pokua heard the second gunshot she quickly run home, broke the news to kinsmen and the police. Right after, she fainted and was also rushed to the hospital. The Police have taken the bodies to Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital for further investigations.

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