Election years come with allegations and counter allegations from both the NDC and the npp. Each trying to undo each other. But this time Kennedy Agyapong is threading on dangerous grounds it seems. Kennedy Agyapong has accused the NDC party for murdering Amissah Arthur the Russian way.

He made this allegations with some others on a live program on his net2 television station on the Seat Show with Kweku Annan and to me he went too far with his politics.

The Assin member of parliament has claimed that the death of the former vice president of Ghana Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur was not natural, it was the handy work of the NDC party. The confirmed information we heard about the death of Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur was that he died in a gym whiles exercising.

But according to Kennedy Agyapong how can one die exercising? This question stems from pure ignorance on the side of the law maker because we have seen healthy footballs dying on the pitch with cardiac arrest.

But according Kennedy Agyapong, the N.D.C. used the Russian style to take out the former vice president. Only Kennedy Agyapong knows what the Russian style is.

According to Kennedy what Matilda Amissah Arthur came to tell the public after the demise of her husband was false.

“Tell that to the dogs” Kennedy reiterated.

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