NDC supporters in Walewale besiege radio station over attack on party executive

Angry supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Walewale in the Northeast Region besieged the premises of a local radio after its constituency communications officer was allegedly assaulted.

It took the timely intervention of some opinion leaders and party executives to prevent an escalation of the happenings at the premises of Eagle FM where the supporters had gathered to avenge Aliu Wuni Majeed’s assault.

Mr Majeed was allegedly assaulted by the North East Regional Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party, Sumani Mustapha on Wednesday. 

The two executives had been panelled by the radio station on its ‘Morning Show’ programme to discuss a number of topics, including the NDC’s press conference which was held earlier in the day.

The Show, however, was cut short after the debate became heated and turned physical.

Sources say, the NPP executive present allegedly slapped the NDC communications officer. 

The incident drew the anger of several supporters of the NDC who rushed to the radio station to retaliate the assault. 

The NDC constituency executive who spoke to JoyNews, said the NPP treasurer accused him of cutting into his submissions. 

“He gave me a hot slap and attempted to strike again but was restrained by the host”, Mr Majeed confirmed to JoyNews. 

Majeed disclosed that it wasn’t the first time an NPP communicator in the Walewale constituency resorted to physical confrontation to defend his party on air.

He listed over three other violent attacks on him by communicators of the NPP. 

The matter has since been reported to the police after the NDC communications officer went for a medical checkup at the Walewale Government Hospital. 

The NPP executive was not available for comments. 

The Walewale constituency is a known hotspot of electoral tensions resulting to violence between supporters of the two main political parties. 

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