One of the Christian fathers of the land, Bishop Agyin Asare has been in the news recently for an alleged comments he made about the current government that didn’t go down too well with the New Patriotic Party fraternity.

Both high and low ranking members of the new patriotic party have come out to lambast and disrespect the Bishop by calling him all sort of names. One of such big wits in the new patriotic party who came barking at the Bishop is the honourable Kennedy Agyapong.

But Bishop Agyin Asare has replied the honourable politician in his Tuesday church service. He said he believes in honouring leadership but if you disagree with leadership, you can make your point without insulting leadership. He said if you disagree with the leader of the opposition party, you must state the reasons why you disagree without being insultive.

He said he was accused of using insultive language in his previous submission when he used the phrase “dumb dogs”. But the Bishop said he only used the word because the Bible used it. Scriptures say his watch men have become dumb dogs. He said the watchmen are the journalists and the pastors who are supposed to bark like dogs as written in Isaiah 56:10 but they are not barking. These watchmen are all blind, ignorant and have become dumb dogs. They cannot bark, they are lying down and sleeping.

He said he was also accused of insulting by using the phrase “attack dogs” but he said due to the limitation of the English language he picked a word from the Webster Merriam dictionary which explains attack dogs as persons noted for hush and personal and usually public verbal attacks against others. Then the dictionary said example a political attack dog.

The bishop added that he is the last person who will ever disrespect anybody especially the leadership of this country. But some people are offended because they feel he is attacking their party and that he has become the spokesperson for the opposition party but he said, he is none of those, He is only an ambassador of heaven with the authority of heaven behind him and that he only speaks what his government in heaven wants him to speak.

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