The Awutu Senya East Member of Parliament Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson discharging shots at an enrollment place on Monday, July 20, 2020, has gotten judgment from her associates on two sides.

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Both Majority and Minority in conflict with the notice shots given by the Special Development Initiatives Minister at the voters’ enrollment place at Kasoa depicted the go about as unsatisfactory and a humiliation to the House.

“At the point when I heard her herself, I was stunned. My concern is that what level of incitement will get a Member of Parliament to shoot a notice took shots at an enrollment community where there are cops that I accept are there to guarantee peace. When it becomes vital, they may even call for support.

“So what truly happened that truly required that,” NDC MP for Asawase Muntaka Mubarak pondered in a meeting with JoyNews monitored by Mavis Hawa Koomson, on Monday, confessed to shooting shots at a voter’s enlistment community, a demonstration that has gotten considerable judgment from the open space.

Even though the Special Development Initiatives Minister says she discharged the shots since she felt her security was compromised, there have been numerous requires her to be summoned. Despite the clarification given, NDC Member of Parliament for Kumbungu Hon. Ras Mubarak has approached the Privileges Committee of Parliament to bring and explore her on the issue, however Member of Parliament for Kpandai Constituency, Matthew Nyindam accepts that ought not to be so.

Mr. Nyindam censures the demonstration and concurs that she should be endorsed, he thinks calling her before the house is extra.

“I think I can’t help contradicting Ras Mubarak because the way that she’s an individual from parliament doesn’t imply that any move that one makes should mostly be called to the benefits council. Indeed it has to do with her, and she has admitted to that, yet I think it likewise needs to manage the police and the police must do their examination and get the catch of this.

“In any case, for someone to state she ought to be called to the benefits advisory group, I think I can’t help contradicting the individual,” he included.

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