Bernard Antwi Boasiako, the CEO of Wontumi Communications, known in private life as Chairman Wontumi has hit back at his critics for saying he doesn’t have a good command of the queens’ language.

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On his radio and TV station, chairman wontumi clearly stated that merely speaking English does not create wealth and that is why there are many Ghanaians who speak good English and yet have not contributed anything meaningful to the development of the nation.

He also added that improving his English vocabulary would not give him any advantage in conducting his business because communicating in his native language which is Akan is enough to make him meet his objectives.

“We have a lot of intellectuals who pride themselves as excellent communicators in English Language and have even written books using their knowledge in the Queen’s language but they are wallowing in poverty” he said.

He continued thus “the type of work I do does not require that I wear tie or suit to make money. Mine is to dirty my hands before I can feed myself and my family” he ended.

According to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, he was once called an “illiterate” by a former minister of tourism, Zita Okai-Koi but was quick to add that “Zita with all her education depends on others for her livelihood.

According to Chairman Wontumi, it is good that some N.P.P. members have made their intentions known to attack only John Mahama but he will lash at any N.D.C. supporter who goes on the offensive. He likened himself to a football defender who will go all way to foil any plans of the opponent scoring against him.

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