Agya Koo Comes For NPP

Alexander Kofi Adu Alias Agya Koo have coughed out at the ruling party NPP for sidelining him after he helped them to power in 2016 election.
Speaking in Net2 TV studios, the comic Ghanaian actor expressed disappointment at the New Patriotic Party for the fact that some members of the party telling peoples the he has been offered a lucrative job which is not the case.
“Now we have gotten to the work, some of us know we can’t sit in the office but we have gotten to a time some people will say ooh, this particular person we have to reach out to him” recalling some issues he had with some MPs he campaigned for them on the grounds during the 2016 election. 
Especially when I reach London, some people are saying I have this and that which is not the case.
I want to set the record straight,  as I sit here I don’t haul fuel, I don’t haul cocoa, I don’t haul cement as I’m here with you. If they are going to give me now I don’t know but I don’t have nothing as I sit here with you. He lamented.
Historically, prior to 2016 election most of Ghanaian celebrities threw their support to Nana Akuffo Addo who eventually won the election.

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